John Paul II Primary School

Extended Schools

Extended Schools


In John Paul II Primary School, our Extended Schools Programme has a key role in supporting the families in our community. We aim to help families in terms of their education, health and well-being to give our children and their community better opportunities in life.


Our school has a free breakfast club sponsored by Greggs from 8.30 until school begins at 9am to make sure that everyone in the family can have a healthy start to the day. Our older children and our parents and carers help out the little children by serving them with a happy smile first thing in the morning.


The morning computer club provides extra help using iPads in an enjoyable way to boost numeracy and literacy skills. Children can use Bug Club, DoodleMaths or Accelerated Reader with an adult to help them.


After school, our children are encouraged to join in a range of clubs including Art, Multi-Sports, Dance, Gaelic Football and Eco-awareness. These groups are very popular and the rest of the school get to enjoy their hard work whether it is a beautiful piece of art, a cosy house for a little bird in the winter or an amazing dance routine!


We are very fortunate to have a Parent Support Worker. Her role is to help families by providing one-to-one and group help focussed on our children’ needs. There are courses for parents to help them to support their child’s learning in school. Parents and carers are able to work alongside the Support Worker to make sure that every child get the very best start in their education.