John Paul II Primary School

Primary 1a



                                                    Welcome to Primary 1a.




                                 Classroom Teacher                                        Classroom Assistant

                                    Mrs Irvine                                                   Martha McQuade


Primary One has been working hard so far this year and we have been very busy learning. We have made the big move from Nursery and have been learning though Play and our topics: Nursery Rhymes and Toys.

We have been singing in our Nursery Rhyme X-Factor! I hope I get five stars as I am sure I can win this!

I am singing Little Bo Peep! You should hear me sing it!  I can really sing out loud and I can tell you all the rhyming words too!


  We made models of our favourite nursery rhymes. We drew them using a computer programme too.

We have been busy learning all about nursery rhymes. We can sort the nursery rhyme characters for different criteria and make our own patterns. 


We were making syllable spells in our Witch’s Kitchen. We had to clap how many syllables were in the spell ingredients from our cauldron!

We made spells using pictures that started with our new SATPIN sounds that we are learning in Jolly Phonics. We needed tomake a spell to turn Wilbur back to black!


We had a STEM day in school and Primary 1 had to help Jack and Jill! Jack has to carry pails of water all the time and he is always falling down the hill, hurting his head and spilling the water! Primary 1 had to think about a way to help Jack.

We decided that we needed to find a way to get the water to come down the hill so that Jack didn't have to carry the buckets. We built hills and wells and connected hoses to the wells to catch the water and bring it down to the bottom of the hill.


We solved the problem and helped Jack.

We have been reading "Room on the Broom" by Julia Donaldson. We made our own "truly magnificent broom" with a seat for the dog and a shower for the frog!

Winnie the Witch is fed up wearing the same old hat every day and so she asked Primary 1 if we could make some new hats with patterns on.

The little people from the forest are getting cold now and so need Primary 1 to help them move into their new pumpkin house. We have to make them some furniture using the lego and put in windows. We had such fun doing this and learning to be creative and work together.

Just one more window and that should be perfect!


My favourite toy is my doll.



I made five little pumpkins and you should hear me say the rhyme.


I have checked your chart and they are the right glasses!

The baby clinic has taught me how to care for babies. We made wonderful posters to display in the clinic.


We are testing which car goes the farthest.

 Jolly Phonics


We are learning about how to say and write lots of sounds though our Jolly Phonics and we can now even build lots of words and write our own stories! We are learning to segment and blend so that we can break up and stretch out a word and then put the sounds back together again.




       We are spotting all the sounds that we have learned this week in Jolly Phonics.



You should see our writing! Have a look at our story pages on this link: we love to write! Remind me to help you with your shopping lists, or to make a diary of my day at school, talk about/write about my favourite stories.

 I am checking my plans for Humpty Dumpty's wall!

I am filling in the clock face for Hickory Dickory Dock.


We are checking and counting the characters from Nursery rhymes that we find in the sand.


A Way that Adults Can Help Me.

When I practise sounding through words all by myself it really helps me with my reading, writing down the sounds I hear and learning all about how to write. Sometimes I forget to leave spaces, or I don’t hear sounds that are in words because I left out sounds when I was saying the word. You can help me by saying the word again for me slowly, stretching out the sounds so that I know they are there!



We are so good at Maths. We have been learning how to copy, continue and then make up patterns of our own. We can sort any collection of materials that you give us. We can sort the materials onto Venn, Carroll or Tree diagrams. We have just been learning how to make pictograms and block graphs.

We have started to code and to write simple programmes for the Bee Bot.



 You should hear us counting and using numbers. We can order and re order numbers and have learned lots of different words for going up the number line and down the number line.



We solve lots of problems using our Maths learning. Sometimes we do this in our Maths lessons but often during our Play Based Learning. We have been comparing sets, counting, estimating and learning how to add or take away. We have found out many words for adding and taking away and how there can be more than one way to answer a question. Did you know that tests often use lots of different words that mean the same thing? 

We can show different ways of making three using two hands.



A Way Adults Can Help Me.


You can really help me by asking me to talk about what I know or how I found an answer. Maths language is really important. The more I talk about it, the more confident I feel and the more that I want to try to learn and to use the maths vocabulary again. Try it! Ask me what I know about 10!


Did you know that there are lots of shapes all around us. We have found out about 2D and 3D shapes and have just been exploring the differences between them. In our Toy Shop, Vets or Train Station we were learning all about the different coins and how to buy items up to 10p.

 Play Based Learning.


This is the best fun but where we do a lot of our learning! We talk to our teacher about each new topic we start and tell her everything we know. We always think about things we would love to find out and what we would like to turn our Role Play area into. We have had lots of topics. We learned about Nursery Rhymes, Toys, People who Help Us, Spring and Growth. We have just started Journeys and Transport.

We have loved the Teddy Toy Shop and Nursery Rhyme X-Factor but are looking forward to The Vets, The Hospital, The Baby Clinic and The Train Station! We learn about all the areas of the curriculum through our Play and use so many thinking skills. We learn to be creative and work together.