John Paul II Primary School

Primary 3b

Class Teacher

                                                                               Mrs Lynch

Welcome to Primary 3B

Our topics this year are; My Amazing Body, Food, Weather, Materials and Minibeasts. Each Thursday we have activity based learning day where we work in groups doing practical activities related to these topics. We use a planning together board to discuss what we already know, what we want to find out and where we can find it out. Then we display all out work about the topic to make a lovely classroom environment. These are some of the activities we have done this year.

My Amazing Body

We found out all about the human body labelling the parts and made moving skeletons.
We completed lots of physical challenges using Into The Zone programme.
We drew self-portraits using pastels to display outside our room.



We learnt all about healthy eating and had lots of cooking lessons. We chose our favourite toppings to make a pizza which was yummy!
We had a class shop role play area and had lots of opportunities to develop our maths and literacy skills.
We learnt about different food groups and sorted items into these. We have discovered lots of words like;

Protein, o-mega 3, vitamins and calcium!




We love reading in P3 we have been reading lots of fiction and non-fiction books in our Literacy lessons and in the school and class library. We have lots of favourite authors and each month teacher reads stories by a different author. We also use the Bug Club to read eBooks. We have used non-fiction books to research our topics and share an interesting new fact with our classmates. We have written some non-fiction books about healthy eating and have been working very hard on acrostic poems.



In numeracy we have been learning our number facts and we do lots of problem solving every day in school. We really enjoy using Education City on the interactive whiteboard to consolidate our learning. We have worked in groups and carried out some very tricky maths investigations. We got really good at using coins to 1 pound and giving change by playing lots of games and working in the class café. We have enjoyed taking on the role of a shopkeeper and customer. We are getting really good at adding up amounts!

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We have used ICT to;
Word process and illustrate All About Me stories.
We use computers and the whiteboard every day to support all our learning.



This is a very important year for P3 as we prepare for the Sacrament of First Confession. We have a sacred space in our classroom and join in with prayers and songs on a daily basis.



Thank you for visiting our class page.