John Paul II Primary School

Primary 4b

         Mrs Ross                          Miss Stevens

Welcome to Primary 4B


Our topics this year are: Safe and Sound, Space, Journeys, Water and Our Environment.

When we begin each topic we talk about what we already know about the topic and what we would like to find out. We use our skills from all areas of the curriculum to find the answers to the questions we have thought of.  Our classroom displays show our learning and we also share our displays across the whole school to teach others.


Safe and Sound

We learn:

  • how to be safe in our homes.

  • how to be safe on the road and we carry out investigations and experiments.

  • how to use the Internet safely.
  • who to talk to if we do not feel safe.



We learn:

  • how to research by finding out about the Solar System.

  • how to share our learning using PowerPoint Presentations.
  • how to be creative by making space themed models at home.

  • about famous artists by using their work to inspire us.










We learn:

  • about our place in the world.

  • about the changes in forms of transport over time.

  • how goods are transported from one place to another.

  • how to create computer games that show journeys.



We learn:

  • that water is necessary for living things.

  • how water takes on different forms.

  • how to create posters to persuade.
  • to express ourselves through poetry, art and music.


Our Environment

We learn:

  • what we need to do to protect our environment.

  • about the differences between our local environment and the wider world.

  • how we can improve our environment.



Our class learn how to communicate with each other by talking to each other and learning how to listen. We can speak in front of the whole school when we share our assemblies. This makes us more confident speakers.

In p4 we are great readers. We enjoy reading every day and we know that this makes us better readers.  We read in class, in our school library and at home. Our teachers take us to the local Whiterock Library. This year we begin to use the Accelerated Reading scheme to improve our reading accuracy by checking our understanding with an online quiz. We can also use the Bug Club at home.

In class we write for different reasons. We write stories, poems, reports and other types of writing. We use our knowledge of phonics to spell correctly and we are learning to use a joined style of handwriting.



In numeracy we are learning to use our mathematics skills in everyday life. We problem solve with real life themes.  We learn the stages of problem solving so that we can tackle anything!

To help improve our speed in number facts, we play games and sing counting patterns. We like using practical counting materials to help us to understand what we are doing. We work in pairs and in groups on investigations. We look for shapes in our environment and describe them. We collect information to show in graphs and tables. We are becoming more accurate when we measure and we are finding out about the common units of measurement such as metres, kilograms and litres.



We use ICT to:

  • programme BeeBot to move around a map.

  • make a PowerPoint presentation on our class topics.

  • create an animation using the coding language Scratch.

  • read the news online and add our own comments.

  • learn how to use ICT safely and responsibly.



This year we have a very special event – our First Holy Communion. To get ready, we learn about the importance of this sacrament and we go Mass together as a group. We follow the Grow in Love programme for P4. We celebrate feast days and learn about the weekly Gospel. In class we also talk about other faiths and religions.


We hope you have enjoyed learning about life in Primary 4.