John Paul II Primary School

Primary 6a


Class Teacher- Mrs Collins

Classroom Assistants: Miss Hackett and Mr Franklin


Welcome to Primary 6


The Areas of Learning

- Language and Literacy
- Mathematics and Numeracy
- The Arts
- The World Around Us
- Physical Education
- Religious Education


Cross Curricular Skills

-Using Mathematics
-Using ICT


Thinking Skills and Personal Capabilities

-Managing information
-Thinking, Problem Solving, Decision Making
-Working with Others
-Being Creative

Children have the opportunity to acquire, develop and demonstrate the Cross Curricular Skills and Thinking skills and Personal Capabilities in all areas of the Curriculum. Children work individually, in pairs, in groups and as a whole class.

This year is a very busy one for us. We work hard every day in class at a range of oral, practical and recording activities through which we are actively engaged in our learning.

We understand how important attendance is to learning and progressing. 



Language and Literacy

Every day we engage in Reading, writing and Talking and Listening activities.
We participate in guided reading, accelerated reading and paired reading.
We use Accelerated Reading to develop our reading skills. When we have finished reading a book we can take a test online and can find out our score. We can even find out how many words we have read.
I wonder who will be our first Millionaire!!
We keep a wide selection of books in our classroom and change them regularly.

Our class Novel is called 'The Water Horse' by Dick King-Smith. 

Throughout the year we will be looking at many different writing genres and learning how to become great writers. 
We need to keep checking over our work and think of ways to extend our sentences and improve our vocabulary. This will make our writing really interesting and, who knows, one day the next big author could be telling the world that they learnt all their writing skills in John Paul II Primary School. 

We use drama strategies to help us understand and explore the text in more detail.

We are also improving our handwriting skills through practice of the Nelson Handwriting Scheme.


Mathematics and Numeracy

We have been learning how to develop a range of mental skills to help us problem solve. It is important to keep learning tables and mathematical facts every night and challenge ourselves to become better mathematicians.
We know that maths is not just about recording work in books so we also engage in lots of oral and practical activities.

We are exposed to ‘real life’ mathematical problems that encourage us to discuss and explore many different ways to find a solution. We are encouraged to be mathematicians, not just in school, but at home; while playing with our friends; shopping with our families or even planning a family trip. We recognise that maths is all around us and we aim to make connections using the skills we are taught.


Through structured activities we apply all of these skills to number, measure, shape and space and handling data. Some areas that are new to us include: angles; decimal fractions; percentages; 24 hour clock. We are also now working hard to learn all of our times tables off by heart – help me learn at home.

Everyone in Primary 2 to Primary 7 took part in an exciting Mental Maths competition. Next term I am going to work even harder to try and win a prize. 



Some websites that will help me learn more:



It is fair to say that we all love our ICT lessons and we are given lots of time to investigate and use it to create our own stories, newsletters, poems etc. We like the way we are given a topic and can use the internet to help us to investigate it. The skills that we work hard to improve in ICT are: desktop publishing; managing data; online communication; presenting and working with images. In the classroom ICT is an important tool in all areas of our learning.


World around us

In Primary 6 we will discover so much about the world around us. In Term One we looked at the STEM Topic of Water and had great fun discovering new facts and experimenting. We discovered the importance of water and how lucky we are to have fresh water at our fingertips. We couldn't believe how people throughout the world have to cope with no clean water. We hope to do something about this in Term 2 and 3 so watch this space!


In Term 2 we we will be learning all about The Victorians.





Above and beyond all of this we even manage to fit in singing, swimming, basketball, Spanish, assemblies, golden time, circle time and art.

Alive-O 6 is our religion programme where we learn about God’s love for us and how we can share this love with others.