John Paul II Primary School

Primary 7b

Welcome to Primary 7B



Primary 7B enjoy a wide and varied Curriculum.


The Areas of Learning

- Language and Literacy - Mathematics and Numeracy - The Arts - PDMU - The World Around Us - Physical Education - Religious Education


Cross Curricular Skills

-Communication -Using Mathematics -Using ICT


Thinking Skills and Personal Capabilities

-Managing information -Thinking, Problem Solving, Decision Making -Self-Management -Working with Others -Being Creative

Children have the opportunity to acquire, develop and demonstrate the Cross Curricular Skills and Thinking skills and Personal Capabilities in all areas of the Curriculum. Children work individually, in pairs, in groups and as a whole class.




Literacy is fun! Throughout the year we will be improving our reading, writing and talking and listening skills.

We read a wide range of fiction and non-fiction texts such as play scripts, poetry, novels, myths and legends, recounts and explanation texts. We try our best to ‘read between the lines’ and give our opinion on what we have read. We use the accelerated reading scheme and love the challenge of improving our results. This is also available from home.

We learn how to structure our writing and this has helped us to create exciting and extended pieces of work with new skills such as starting our sentences in different ways, including exciting detailed description using adjectives and adverbs. This is so much fun as we get to let our imaginations run free.

We have many opportunities to practise talking and listening throughout the year. We enjoy presenting for an audience and developing confidence to speak in front of others. Websites that will help me learn more:



In Primary 7, we love to be challenged in maths every day! Using maths in real life contexts provides us with opportunities to develop our knowledge and understanding. We can suggest different ways an activity might be approached; select and use the appropriate materials, equipment and maths required. We develop our ability to organise our work and check that it’s right! We love solving problems and we are really developing our mental maths every day.

Through structured activities we apply all of these skills to number, measure, shape and space and handling data. Some areas that are new to us include: angles; decimal fractions; percentages; 24 hour clock. We are also now working hard to learn all of our times tables off by heart – help me learn at home.

Some websites that will help me learn more:



It is fair to say that we all love our ICT lessons and we are given lots of time to investigate and use it to create our own stories, newsletters, poems etc. We like the way we are given a topic and can use the internet to help us to investigate it. The skills that we work hard to improve in ICT are: desktop publishing; managing data; online communication; presenting and working with images. In the classroom ICT is an important tool in all areas of our learning.


World around us

In Primary 7 we will discover so much about the world around us. We will look closely at life in history through World War II; we explore science and technology through the topic of 'Wind and Energy'; and we will investigate our wonderful world through geography, focussing on the Fair Trade industry.



We explore many areas and themes in PDMU. 

The Upper Springfield Development Trust will visit us for a 6 week programme working on issues that impacts us and our community. We are a ‘telling school’. We work with our RE and PSHE programme to understand and celebrate diversity.


The Arts


Every week we sing at our Assembly. We have been learning a wide repertoire of songs and hymns. Everyone in our school sings together and we enjoy coming together to do this.

Peripatetic teachers from ‘Belfast school Of Music’ offer lessons in African drumming, flute, clarinet and tin whistle.

We also have the chance to sing in Our School Choir.


Physical Education

Throughout Primary 7 we will practice and develop lots of skills. P7A are looking forward to term 2 as we will be taking part in swimming lessons; developing basketball skills and getting ready for the Edmund Rice Cup.




Alive-O 7 is our religion programme where we learn about God’s love for us and how we can share this love with others. It will also help prepare us for the sacrament of Conformation with the support of our family and our parish community.